Patti LuPone haaaaated Uma Thurman’s Broadway debut — and said so


Outspoken Broadway star Patti LuPone singled out Uma Thurman as she slammed the popular practice of casting Hollywood stars in Broadway shows.

“I don’t necessarily need to see film actors on stage, because they can’t,” LuPone said, iNews reported, in advance of a forthcoming London revival of “Company” she’s in. “Not in my country they can’t.”

She added that this sort of casting can “lower the standard.”

Uma Thurman's star turn in "The Parisian Woman" didn't come up roses for Patti LuPone, above.

Uma Thurman’s star turn in “The Parisian Woman” didn’t come up roses for Patti LuPone, above.

(Eduardo Munoz/REUTERS)

LuPone, a Tony winner for “Evita” and “Gypsy,” then took a katana sword to the “Kill Bill” star’s Broadway debut in Beau Willimon’s political play.

‘Kill Bill’ producer denies Uma Thurman’s cover-up claims

“Can I just say, Uma Thurman in ‘The Parisian Woman,’ anybody see it? Holy s–t! I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Uma Thurman as Chloe and Marton Csokas as Peter in "The Parisian Woman."

Uma Thurman as Chloe and Marton Csokas as Peter in “The Parisian Woman.”

(Matthew Murphy)

But she’s really not.

LuPone previously critiqued the star turn by Madonna in “Evita,” declaring her “dead behind the eyes. She cannot act her way out of a paper bag.”

Not Released (NR)

Uma Thurman attends the Meet & Greet Photo Call for the cast of Broadway’s ‘The Parisian Woman’ at the New 42nd Street Studios.

(Walter McBride/WireImage)

LuPone had no further comment on Thurman when the Daily News reached out.

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She did add that as she made the critique, she praised Chris Evans, whose performance she “thought was terrific” in “Lobby Hero.”

Break a leg — and watch your back — Armie Hammer. The Hollywood A-lister makes his Broadway debut in in June in “Straight White Men.”

LuPone may be watching.

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